Yellow Concrete Eater – 2019

Yellow Concrete Eater – 2019

So, the new federal carbon tax was implemented today, I was hoping it was going to be an April Fool’s joke but apparently not.  Right now it seems to have raised gas prices by about 5 cents per litre in Ontario and we can expect that expense to more than double in a few years over the life of its implementation.  We will see how the tax affects the costs to heat our homes and how over the long term it also increases the already rapidly rising costs of everyday goods such as groceries and clothing.  One thing is for sure, everyone is definitely going to less spending power with these new taxes, the coming October federal election cannot come soon enough.

So apparently the manufacturing of cement accounts for 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions, 900 kg of CO2 are emitted for the fabrication of every ton of cement, yet this a topic that never seems to come up when talking about climate change.  There is also the issue of concrete demolition which releases harmful dusts into the air, not to mention that some concrete was also created with asbestos embedded into the mixture.  Everyone is so environmentally conscious but when it comes to ripping down buildings they don’t even think twice.

So my question is, why does this 11 storey office tower need to torn down in the first place, could it not be repurposed into the new development?

As I was setting up my camera to take this photo a guy walked passed me, he didn’t see me so I watched him to see what he was doing.  He went inside the shell of the building and a few minutes later I could hear the sound of a grinder, he was one of the many copper thieves I have encountered while visiting these places.  He was not at all aware of my presence even when standing only feet away from him, he was working just behind the pile of rubble that I was standing on while taking this photo.

Standing in front of an 11 storey office tower being torn down in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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