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RIP to an absolute titan of comic book art, a master storyteller, a genius designer and a quintessential piece of comics history, Carlos Ezquerra.

Easily my favorite 2000AD artist and one of my all-time favorites in general, Ezquerra’s gorgeous euro sci-fi stylings combined with his trademark western layers of grime and grit never fail to bring a smile to my face. Apocalypse War was the first Judge Dredd epic I owned in a physical edition and to this day I’m amazed he drew all 25 chapters without the smallest hint of slowing down or sacrificing quality. Huge and bombastic but crystal clear in its storytelling, it’s a masterclass of action comics.

But his Strontium Dog work, where he had a lot more liberty to design the looks of every character and setting, makes his Dredd seem almost restrained. Wild and untamed, every single panel bursts with personality and mad energy.

Dredd, Dog, Stainless Steel Rat, Al’s Baby, Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, Bloody Mary, that one issue of Preacher: Saint of Killers, the heartbreakingly harrowing War Story: Condors… everything I have ever read that was drawn by Ezquerra I’ve loved dearly. The world is surely the lesser for his passing.

QEPD y gracias por todo, grande entre los grandes.

RIP Carlos Ezquerra

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