Skeleton Factory was originally a printing/publishing company. The
company was founded around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century in a nearby
city, but was moved to this location around 1935. It was the spot where the
family had its holiday home. In 1930 the owner of the company bought a pavilion
that had previously been used at the International Exposition in Liege and had
it rebuilt behind his holiday home. In 1935 he brought his printing/publishing
company here. In the years to come it would develop into the factory we now
know. The printing works consisted primarily of post cards, for the better part
replicas of his own pictures (he was also a photographer) of the Belgian coast.
A few years before his demise focus shifted from post cards to mainly labels.
His son, who was already a printer in the company, took over the firm, at which
point business started evolving into industrial printing. After the Second
World War the company was taken over several times by American multinationals,
but new investments were no longer made. In 2004 the business folded and the 46
remaining employees were out of a job… 

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