Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition:


I am begging every single one of you to sign and share this petition. Patreon is introducing a new fee system that burdens patrons with fees instead of creators, creating a mass exodus of patrons who are cancelling their subscriptions to all creators, not just me.

I make my entire living on Patreon and this severely threatens my financial stability. I am a full-time student with one more semester left of school. These disgustingly greedy changes could destroy my livelihood, my finances, and could leave me unable to pay my rent, bills, and tuition. These changes could literally ruin my life. Besides, as a creator, I am more than happy to pay these fees rather than needlessly burden my Patrons.

If anyone has any suggestions for other platforms or other ways I can continue to keep the lights on, please sound off in the comments.

I am absolutely terrified and upset and beg Patreon to reconsider.

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