Entry Prohibited – 2016Decay at its best inside an abandoned…

Entry Prohibited – 2016

Decay at its best inside an abandoned Ontario institution.

This is what gets me excited about exploring abandoned buildings, the promise of natural decay as a building slowly rots away due to the elements.  Seeing all the different layers of material on the walls slowly falling off as water intrudes through the roof of the building, it’s a sight to be seen.  In the upper right hand corner of the image you can see the last remaining layer, the brickwork, has slowly been exposed over the years.  It also helps when you have great light to create the right mood for the scene.
Ontario, Canada.

Akershus Fortress: The Most Haunted Castle In NorwayLocated in…

Akershus Fortress: The Most Haunted Castle In Norway

Located in Oslo, Norway is a massive royal fortress known
for its dungeons, plush rooms, and opulent décor. It is also known as one of
Norway’s most haunted places to visit.

The original structure
was believed to have been built in the late 1290’s by King Haakon V in order to
protect the city of Oslo. Since that time it has been the site of several sieges
and battles, was transformed into a castle, and was eventually used as a prison.
During its time as a prison there was a section of the castle known as The
Slavery because prisoners could be rented out to work in the city. Many famous
rebels have been imprisoned here, and hundreds of prisoners have died here.
Eventually the building underwent restoration once again and became the site
for official events held for dignitaries and foreign heads of states. Although
it is still a military area, it is now open for the public to visit. It should
also be noted that several Norwegian Royalty have been buried at the Royal Mausoleum
in the castle. These royal members include King Sigurd I, Queen Efumia, King
Haakon V, King Haakon VII, Queen Maud, King Olav V, and Crown Princess Martha. The
castle has become so famous that a portion of it was even reproduced at the
Norway in the Epcot of Florida’s Disney World.

With its extensive history, it is hardly surprising that
there are countless reports of paranormal activity on the castle grounds. Staff
members and visitors have heard whispering in the hallways when no one else was
around. Others have heard horrible screams and the sounds of chains rattling in
the dead of night. Apparitions of guards standing at their posts, only to
disappear in seconds, have been witnessed by many. The spirit of a woman named
Mantelgeisten is often seen within the castle, walking towards her chamber.
Mantelgeisten appears to wear a long robe and has no facial features. Not
only have the apparitions of humans been seen, but it has also been reported
that several animals haunt the premises. One corridor is said to be haunted by
a large black dog named Malcanisen who can sometimes be seen on guard. This
particular corridor leads to the very heart of the fortress. Others have
reported hearing a horse galloping around the buildings entrance. Legend has it
that anyone who actually sees the horse ghost will die within the year and
anyone who is approached by Malcanisen will die a particularly violent death
within three months. The ghosts have also been known to get physical at times;
several employees have reported being pushed in the back.

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