GREEN SCHOOLThe history of this college goes back to the middle…


The history of this college goes back to the
middle of the nineteenth century. As an answer to the severe lack of decent
and affordable education in the city, this catholic entrepreneur and landowner
started a school in 1862 inside existing buildings that were formerly used as
industrial spaces. In 1868 he donated the property to the nearby diocese. During
the next year, the school was expanded with a teachers residence. Between 1881
and 1883 all of the existing building, including the teachers residence, were
demolished and form 1883 onward a new school was built in neogothic style. The
building of this new school was largely funded by the former owner of the
property. Originally the institution was a secondary school that also provided
in agricultural education. By the beginning of the 1960’s the secondary school
moved into new buildings and this school only remained in use for the primary
school. After a merge with other schools at the beginning of the millennium all
of the buildings were vacated. In 2016 the chapel was destroyed by a raging fire.

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