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Plashet County Secondary School for girls, north building
East Ham London, Greater London, England, UK; 1954

George Whitby as architect and R. F. Galbraith as engineer

«The school is designed to accommodate some 650 girls, the majority aged from eleven to fifteen, and with a small proportion of sixteen and seventeen-year-olds staying on the extra year or two years to take their General Certificate of Education examination. It provides, in addition to the normal classrooms, specialized rooms for geography (with extra wide desks for maps), needlework, drama (with large, shallow stage), science (equipped with sinks and benches with gas points), domestic science (a star turn, this, with its most up-to-date gas and electric cookers, washing machines, refrigerators, and fitted sinks and cupboards), music (two of these – large, for class work, and small for special lessons), commercial training (with special tipping type-writing desks) and at the top of the building the delightful art room where drawing, painting, basket work, lino-cutting textile printing and pottery are all provided for and carried out.»

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via “Concrete Quarterly, 22” (Summer, 1954)

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The Mobius strip (aka The Ear). 1976. Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI), Russian Academy of Sciences, Nakhimovsky prospekt, Moscow. Artists Vladimir Vasiltsov and Eleonora Zharenova. #socmonumentalart info&photo by @rukhina #socialistmodernism #socialistmosaics

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