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Mostar by Jasmine Freemantle on Flickr

Since one of my favourite architecture blogs just reblogged this photo, I feel like I owe an explanation about this object: this building was a “robna kuća” (the closest word would be mall or department store), which also had an addition of 8 floors of residential apartments (which can be seen in the photo):

The shopping mall was opened in 1970. as “Razvitak” (lit. “development”), and according to the government at the time it was one of the 5 best commercial buildings in Yugoslavia. Like many buildings in Mostar, during the aggression 1992-1995 it was severely damaged and all the residential levels completely destroyed, which is an ongoing legal battle up to this day as the former residents and owners of those apartments received no material satisfaction for their lost property. One fact of the war in Bosnia is that Mostar is the city that suffered the biggest amount of physical and architectural destruction – which is unfortunately still visible. What I personally find most interesting are the exterior concrete panels which are decorated with motifs from stećak – gravestone monuments from the medieval period in Bosnia. Today the entrances to the building have been fenced and walls have been built to keep people out but the local citizens complain that the building is being used by squatters as well as people looting the building for scrap materials. Current state of the building:

The archive photo and source for some of the info (which I translated briefly):

Recently, the urban planning and development office in Mostar developed a project for this area,which implies that the building will or has been bought by a private investor (of which I am not sure because of the residential area legal issue), and it would be used for a modern  commercial+residential development.

Whether that will happen or not, we will see. For those who are visiting Mostar and want to see this building,it’s 5 minutes south from the main bus station. 

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