MARRIED TO THE SEAThis drilling ship, built in…


This drilling ship, built in 1982 by a Norwegian ship
builder, can be seen as a floating drilling island. The ship was actually
geotechnical ship and was specifically designed for drilling and sounding the
bottom of the sea at greath depths up to almost 10000 feet. Steel drilling
pipes are virtually impossible to control over those distances, which is why
light aluminum materials were deployed here. The ships engines kept running
during the drilling to keep the ship stable. The purpose of the drilling
activity was to collect samples from the bottom of the sea. The collected
material was investigated in the on board laboratory. The crew of 44 mainly,
but not exclusively, investigated for the presence of oil and gas in the North
Sea, especially in the Norwegian vicinity. The ship itself was 250 feet long,
52 feet wide and had a depth of 25 feet. It had a gross tonnage of more than
2750 tons. At the time of our visit, the ship had clearly been abondoned only
recently. Some documents on board indicated that the ship had been operational
less than a month ago. The cabins still contained a lot of personal items the
crew seemed to have left behind in a hurry…

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