hi! have you ever urban explored in a foreign …

hi! have you ever urban explored in a foreign country? have you ever gotten caught? have you ever gotten caught whilst in a country that doesnt speak a language you know? if so, how did you handle it? im planning on exploring gonjiam in south korea but im really worried of getting caught, and since i dont know much korean i dont know how to handle that. ive never been caught at all before, actually… thanks!!

Hi! I actually always explore in foreign countries, because we don’t have a lot of abandoned buildings in the Netherlands. I like to explore in Belgium, Germany and France.

I’ve been caught a few times. When you get caught just stay calm and explain what you are doing.

Sometimes they let you stay to take pictures and sometimes they send you away. Don’t get agressive or verbal. Most of the time you can get away with a warning.

If you don’t speak the language of country you’re visiting than you can try to explain in English or learn some sentences so you can at least let them know what you are doing. You can also try using Google Translate. 

I do recommend to do some research on the laws of the country you’re visiting. 

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