Hi everyone!

With over 10.000 followers (and hopefully half of you not being bots) I just can’t bring myself to say what I originally wanted to say. That I need to give up urban-tombraider.tumblr.com.

But as life gets more demanding the older you get, I can’t keep this blog completely as it was until the last post.
One of the things I always wanted to do was to combine my photography with some words I wrote myself or carefully chosen quotes of other people. This takes time and brainpower and nerves – mostly because I tend to be a perfectionist.

Long story short, most of my posts won’t have a small story anymore. I know, some of you really enjoyed them and I’m sorry. At least, I’ll try to always keep the queue filled for you – and there are yet so many adventures to share with you.

Take care and never lose your curiosity.

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