fuzzkaizer: marpac corporation – marsona 1200 …


marpac corporation – marsona 1200

so this is the fabulous, cute surf-rain-waterfall-machine…

a white noise generator with somewhat restricted additional features: surf I – very slow speed adjustable tremolo, surf II – a very slow speed adjustable irregular repeating tremolo pattern, rain – tone adjustable white noise, waterfall – tone adjustable pinke noise; actually the pinkest rain setting equals the brightest waterfall setting;

besides it has a little amp with a 8Ohm-3Watt speaker

similar to certain hadrosauroids, one might wonder what’s under that marsona’s big helmet – just to find out that it is quite empty. now there are speculations about sonic advantages of that hypertrophic form, and about the question, what might be a convincing looking sleep conditioner

anyway, that hood is hot-glued to the top of the speaker compartment, a plastic part that is rather not built for service, maintainance or replacement of broken parts.

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