CHATEAU JUMANJI According to o…


According to old archives the property on which the present Chateau
Jumanji is situated, was sold in 1575 out of the estate of a nearby beguinage. In the early 1880’s the old castle was torn down and a new mansion was built
with the recuperated stones of the old castle. It was built as a sober,
plastered and painted mansion in neoclassicist style on a square footprint.
Around 1910 a remarkable winter garden was annexed in brickworks, but
completely decorated ith grey cement and decorated with imitation tree trunks
and artificial rocks. Climbing plants provide the whole with a true to nature
look. The winter garden was built by a company that specialised in artificial
rocks, caves and aquariums. The truly remarkable interior was conceived as a
cave with stalactites and stalacmites, holes with plants, shelves with
sculptures and built in mirrors to emphasize the spaciousness. Circa 1950 the
outside stucco was removed, which gave the mansion it’s present look. The property was classified
as protected heritage in 2002.

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