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Thank you to President Barack Obama​ for designating Nevada’s Basin and Range as a National Monument and protecting Michael Heizer’s City, one of the most significant works of American art of the last 50 years. And thanks to those of you who signed the petition to save City that we posted back in March. 

[All images of Michael Heizer’s City. © Triple Aught Foundation. Photos 2 and 3: Tom Vinetz]

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Waverly Hills Sanitorium (Louisville, Kentucky)

ADDRESS: 4400 Paralee Lane, Louisville, KY 40272

COORDINATES: 38.130222, -85.841594

This is probably one of the most famous abandoned places in the South. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Waverly Hills Sanitorium served as a hospital for tuberculosis patients in the 1920s. It is a two-story hospital where thousands have been said to have died from disease. The hospital closed in 1961, due to the antibiotic drug streptomycin that lowered the need for such a hospital.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this building is that it features a “body chute” that’s over one hundred meters long. Tuberculosis killed so many people that they could not be buried immediately, and because of this a chute was constructed to store bodies of patients in so that the living did not have to dwell with the dead. 

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In the Illinois Capitol rotunda this month, several traditions are being celebrated. There’s a Nativity scene for Christmas, a menorah for Hanukkah, and then something a little different: an arm holding an apple, with a snake coiled around it.

It’s a gift from the Chicago branch of The Satanic Temple. Called “Snaketivity,” the work also has a sign that reads “Knowledge Is The Greatest Gift.”

Nearby stands a sign in which the state offers a civics lesson — and explains it didn’t have much of a choice:

“The State of Illinois is required by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to allow temporary, public displays in the state capitol so long as these displays are not paid for by taxpayer dollars. Because the first floor of the Capitol Rotunda is a public place, state officials cannot legally censor the content of speech or displays. The United States Supreme Court has held that public officials may legally impose reasonable time, place and manner restrictions regarding displays and speeches, but no regulation can be based on the content of the speech.”

Illinois Secretary of State spokesman Dave Druker told The State Journal-Record the temple has the same rights as religious organizations. “This recognizes that.”

The Satanic Temple calls itself a “non-theistic organization” in its application to install the display.

In a GoFundMe campaign to raise $1,500 for the display, the group explains its mission: “The Satanic Temple—Chicago will no longer allow one religious perspective to dominate the discourse in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda during the holiday season. … Please consider what you may do to help us bring Satan to Springfield!”

Satanic Sculpture Installed At Illinois Statehouse, Just In Time For The Holidays

Image: Brian Mackey/NPR Illinois 91.9 UIS

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