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Big bend Jai-Alai fronton near Quincy. Jai alai was once the fastest growing spectator sport at the time but saw a sharp decline due to a strike in 1988, along with the rise of football, basketball, and hockey around the same time.

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Bricks are red,
concrete is grey.
We are in love,
nothing more to say.

Philadelphia week, day 7:

Carroll, Grisdale, Van Alen: David Rittenhouse Laboratories, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1967

Photos: Felix Torkar

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The cost of housing is out of reach for many residents in cities like Los Angeles and Seattle. One solution is called “co-living” and it looks a lot like dorm life. Co-living projects are trying to fill a vacuum between low-income and luxury housing in expensive housing markets where people in the middle are left with few choices.

Nadya Hewitt lives in a building in Los Angeles run by a company called PodShare, where renters (or “members” in company lingo) occupy “pods.” The grand tour of 33-year-old Hewitt’s home takes place sitting on her bed as she points out the various things she keeps within arm’s reach: a lamp, sunglasses, a water bottle, a jar of peanut butter.

The pods consist of a twin bed with a small flat screen TV in a communal bunk room, some immediate storage space and access to lockers. The kitchen, bathrooms, yard and other common areas are all shared. Members are also allowed to hop around to different PodShare locations as much as they want, as long as there’s availability.

Prices vary slightly at different sites, but the PodShare where Hewitt’s staying costs $1,400 a month. That might sound steep, but traditional apartments in the surrounding neighborhood of Venice Beach go for a lot more.

Without PodShare, Hewitt says she’d never be able to afford this area.

“Oh my gosh,” she said, “I’ve looked at studio apartments in this area, in Hollywood, downtown. I mean we’re looking at almost $2,000 a month.”

Can’t Find An Affordable Home? Try Living In A Pod

Photo: Courtesy of PodShare

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Philadelphia week, day 4:

The Roundhouse impresses by its curved shape and the raw concrete framed window grid. It is designated to be sold 2020, hopefully to owners who appreciate the design.

Geddes, Brecher, Qualls & Cunningham: Philadelphia Police Department Headquarters “Roundhouse”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 1959–1962

Photos: Felix Torkar

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