This neo Romanesque church was designed by a Ghent architect and has a basilica plan (high middle nave with lower side aisles). The nave has a remarkable flat, wooden panelled ceiling. Also typical of the (neo) Romanesque style is the choir that opens into an apse with a cul-de-four (vault in the shape of a half dome). The walls of the nave rest on arcades alternately resting on strong pillars and columns with capitals. The tower is planted laterally against the western facade. The green sandstone of Dolhain emphasizes the sobriety and Roman character of this sanctuary, built between 1906 and 1907.

On a Sunday morning in August 2015, the fire brigade had to rush out because the entire bell tower was on fire. The fire turned out to have been caused by copper thieves, who were stealing the copper in the wiring of the tower. The church had been empty for a few years at that time. Due to the inaccessibility of the tower, it took several hours for the fire brigade to master the flames. The damage was considerable. Since the church does not have a protected character, it seems almost inevitable that it will be completely demolished in the near future…

Stained Glass Sickness – 2017The chapel with an incredibly…

Stained Glass Sickness – 2017

The chapel with an incredibly detailed stained glass window inside an abandoned hospital somewhere in Ontario, Canada.

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