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Tomb of the Greek Vases

Banditaccia necropolis, Cerveteri, Italy

7th century BCE


The tomb has a short corridor, with cells to the sieds, leading into the main room. The main room has three typical Etruscan trapezoid doors leading into burial chambers. The beds are of almost monumental size. The tomb got its name from the fact that hundreds of vases, mostly from Greece, were found in it.

workingclasshistory:On this day, 31 July 1922,…


On this day, 31 July 1922, workers in Italy declared an indefinite general strike against fascism. However the nationalist unions did not join it, and the middle class and capitalists supported the fascists breaking the strike. After two days, the superior military organisation of the fascists broke the strike across most of Italy, with workers in Bari and Parma holding out until 7 August.
Pictured: a barricade in Parma

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