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Visited: 07.10.2018

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I have a set of photos I took from Patriots P…

I have a set of photos I took from Patriots Point, South Carolina on the
USS Yorktown Aircraft carrier (AKA: The Fighting Lady) CV-10. It is the
tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the United States Navy. She was
named for the YORKTOWN (CV-5), lost while repelling the Japanese Fleet
at the Battle of Midway in 1942. 

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Here we have photos on the historical Fort Sum…

Here we have photos on the historical Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
We had traveled to the fort on ferry and were able to capture these
awesome shots.

Fort Sumter in South Carolina is one of the most
famous areas pertaining to the American civil war. On December 20th,
1860, South Carolina delegated a special secession voted unanimously to
secede from the Federal Union. In November, Abraham Lincoln had been
elected President with no support from the southern states. The significance of this election was expressed in South Carolina’s Declaration of the immediate causes secession.

If you would like to learn more about the history and our trip, along with seeing even more photos of this place, they are on our official facebook page. Just look for Derelict Society!

I was able to gain entrance with a tour group…

was able to gain entrance with a tour group to the Old Charleston Jail
and take so good shots from the inside. Prior to the jail’s
construction, officials used the plot of land on which the building now
stands as a hospital, and workhouse for runaway slaves. Charleston built
the Old City Jail in 1802, and the facility housed prisoners until
closing its doors in 1939. By some accounts, 10,000 people died at the
jail during its 211-year history, be it from execution, injury, or
illness. The jail was meant to house 130 inmates but often held 300
people or more. Therefore, disease and violence ran rampant.

Notable prisoners at the Old City Jail include Lavinia Fisher, her
husband John, Jacque Alexander Tardy, a pirate with a penchant for
poison, and Denmark Vesey, leader of a foiled slave rebellion. Civil War
soldiers, including survivors of the 54th Mass.

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Location: Chateau WolfensteinPhoto: The Urbexp…

Location: Chateau Wolfenstein
Photo: The Urbexperience
Visited: 05.11.2017

Instagram: the.urbexperience

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