Bone PointingBone pointing is a method of exec…

Bone Pointing

Bone pointing is a method of execution used by Aborigines.
Supposedly the practice never fails to kill despite the fact that the victim is
never physically harmed. In fact, the practice leaves no trace whatsoever on
the condemned.

This practice is
carried out by a Kurdaitcha, or a ritual executioner. The name Kurdaitcha comes
from the slippers that the Kurdaitcha wear. These slippers, made of cockatoo or
emu feathers and human hair are completely silent when the user walks in them. The
Kurdaitcha will use this silence to quickly hunt down the person to be killed
if the person has fled. Once the person is caught the Kurdaitcha will go down
onto one knee and point the kundela, or killing bone (which will have been charged
with a psychic energy in a previous ritual), at the condemned. At this point
the victim is said to be completely frozen in fear. The Kurdaitcha will then chant
a curse. Afterwards the Kurdaitcha and fellow hunters will return to the village
and the kundela will be burned.

After the ritual the guilty person may live for several days
or weeks. However, the person believes so strongly in the curse that they will
most definitely die. Although the kundela does not physically harm the person
it is said to pierce the victim with a spear of thought, which does just as
much damage as an actual spear. Victims tend to become listless and apathetic,
refusing to eat or drink. The syndrome of dying despite not being physically
harmed is called the  “bone-pointing
syndrome”. It simply means the victim dies because of the belief that they are
going to die.


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