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EMS – Synthi Hi Fli

“The serial number is 9206, making it the 206th Hi Fli out of 450 ever made!

Main Controls and Effects (Left to right on control panel)
* Top Boost Slider to provide up to 30db boost at high frequencies. The output from this section goes to the Octave Shift, Sustained Fuzz and Ring Mod sections.
* Octave Shift Slider mixes in a Sub Octave signal.
* Buzz Switch adds high frequency overtones to the sub octave signal.
* Ring Mod Slider mixes in a signal an octave up when single notes are played or “ring modulated” effects on chords.
* Decay Rate Rotary control for the decay time of Ring Mod and Octave Shift signals.
* Sustain Fuzz Slider mixes variable upper harmonics.
* Attack Rate Rotary control varies the rise time of the sustained fuzz signal.
* Pedal Switches Each switch routes either the left or right pedal to voltage control the Slider above it. Each switch also has an inverted setting so that single pedal movements can produce complimentary effects.
* Solo/Strum Switch to alter the Hi-Fli’s sensitivity to playing style.
* Bypass Mix Central Slider to blend the effects and original signal.
* Modulation Selector Rotary Switch selects: Slow Modulation range, Fast Modulation range, Rising Mod envelope, Falling Mod envelope, Rising Ramp and Falling Ramp.
* Treatment Selector Rotary switch selects: VIBRATO, PHASING 1, PHASING 2, WAA-WAA (single resonant peak), WAW-WAW (six resonant peaks) and MEOW (two sets of three peaks in opposite directions).
* Modulation Speed Slider to fine control the modulation rate.
* Modulation Ramp Time Slider to set ramp time between 0 and 5 seconds.
* Modulation Depth Slider controlling depth of modulation applied to Phase Filter.
* Frequency Shift Slider to bias the symmetry of modulation.
Mains powered: 100-135 or 200-260 Vac
Input Signal: 10mV (min) to 3V (max), 100kohm impedance.
Output Signal: -20dbm (min) to 0dbm (max).“

cred: ebay.com/xienderix

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