architectureofdoom:The Cherokee Nuclear Power …


The Cherokee Nuclear Power Plant is an uncompleted energy project outside Gaffney, South Carolina. In the early 1970s, Duke Power started construction on a three-reactor nuclear power plant
at the site. However, the project stalled due to economic problems by
the early 1980s, leading to the project’s eventual abandonment. In 1987,
the power plant was the site of an underwater film studio built by Hollywood director James Cameron, for the film The Abyss.

architectureofdoom: The abandoned Wagakawa Hyd…


The abandoned Wagakawa Hydropower Plant sits nestled among a sea of
trees on the side of a mountain in Tohoku, Northern Japan. The large
concrete structure which overlooks a picturesque river, surrounded on
all sides by thick vegetation and forest was closed in the 1960s due to
the construction of the nearby Yuda Dam. Over the past half a century
nature has slowly started to reclaim this plot of land.

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